We, the Kings of the Planet

by elhuana

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This EP is my third compilation of mostly sample-based beats I made almost entirely using a basic sampler and a cassette recorder. I invited 9 MC's out of North America to support me with rhymes.

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released December 31, 2011

Beats by elhuana@gmail.com

Warsaw, Poland 2011




elhuana Warszawa, Poland

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Track Name: Ballots and Bullets feat. Steve Colossal
Thinkin' back to the joint "AINT THA DEVIL HAPPY",
his demonic call lingers on just to trap me.
too many names tagged to ya, you're still mayhem;
too many images well known all portrays em'.
banks represent "EQUAL 3-TIMES",
money is no more than being on a pc typing out three lines!
simple & plain, somebody programmed a number, thats ya dollars & change.
yo, the fruit gets stranger: the murdaland rivers call you close,
you can hear the whispers, moans & chains rattling.
part of the 1% enslavin' is the vatican; 10% is evil,
follow me, you can grab a pen!
genoside never died, tis tha season to clap with the 45's,
peace to bradley manning for not tellin' lies,
the new-wave america: everybody dies, STRAIGHT SUICIDE...

Nowadays ya gotta watch what you eat;
buckshots in the pump cocked right where ya sleep in case martial law hits,
eight-power's cant see this clear to be possible... closing hospitals..
pullin' our strings for infinite odd years, they dont care!
bitches got tha A.I.D.S. cure son, stop frontin' like you never made one,
MAGIC SHOULD OF BEEN GONE! you aint hearin' this song,
theyre makin' cancer cells. what tha fuck is em FREE PHONES for?
we're already on the strolls like whores! trying to run from every last pimp
thats bloodsucking us with vigor for every last cent!!
Track Name: Ruger feat. Bloody Monk Consortium
(Leeroy Destroy)

Back on the strength. I ain't hangin to get lynched
Im cutting off that rope and im goin the extra length.
Don't take it to offense sit back on the bench
A player ain't making moves when at every step u flinch. I'm sick
And tired Of people acting a bitch
I'm taking the season back. For rap like the grinch
Every event put my words in cement. Invent
A different type of style my city can get with
Ya dont feel me ..it is what it is I ain't guilty
We world wide covered international in realty
We ate everything raw and filthy
Brought it to the table and everytime you bill me
Fuck it. Passion in my spit like I'm supposed to
Even as a little kid I'd grab the Mic and roast you
Spazz on every beat with BMC and then went postal an ode to
haters swallow ya words and choke too


Silhouette cloak loom
Smoke you like da roach duke'
chi flow thru moves , son goku
Check out my post moves bang on you ' da go -to'
Mouth served vocals, That South Jerz Local'
My San Jose cali folk Loc Too'
Polly Dope fuel to Go Global
we Mogul, We told You'
We Just getting started'
You mufuckas retarded'
we are the whole truth-Sum-The Total
Explosive , Chernobyl, keep Fukushima Team Of nuclear Reactors
Melting Down da Microphone Booth'
FAK-U , Killin Unlimited-Rap crew, smack you w/da DOME DOOM'
aint no need fa Chrome to Boom
Crushin mics in my palm, you couldnt hold GLUE'
How a starvin artist come w/all this soul food?
What ya callin old school still beyond ya zone,
lyrics still in home room, fool Ya Flow Code Blue'
thought somebody wulda told you'/learn da culture before u strollin thru
actin like da ultimate - rappers got u dancin like hoes on da poles do ,
bogus mc's is UFO spoofs'
Track Name: Blue Water feat. June Marx
My thoughts flow like a stream through your heart, slow
so deep like a dream of a lost soul
seems gardens grow, from my graces
I am faceless, formless and shapeless
Im an oasis, im essential to
the human body since im seventy percent of you
im immeasurable, but when im contained
I change form, adapt to the current frame
im a hurricane, and a tidal wave
and the flood that you read of in the bible page
im a vital stage, in the formation
of everything from clouds, to the storm waiting
and it pours raining, I intoxicate
some look at me, sit back, smoke, contemplate
get their conscience straight, cause the time awaits
liquid maneuvering in some new aqua 8's

I dodge traps with ease, I can pour, crash, or freeze
and stay tranquil among warring cavalries,
spawn savage seas, seasons provoke the storm
cause casualties, even in frozen form
keep flowing on, hydrodynamic
the cycle of madness, and its vital I manage
mind in fragments, truly my conscience free
survival advantage, bruce lee philosophy
lose the hypocrisy, since its time for
opening our minds more, and redesign cures
my eyes saw, what lies in the temple
its essential, that you empty the mind like a vessel
and lifes stressful, turbulent it seems
channel universal streams the true purpose seen
and further means, I adjust accordingly
through the soundwave and the booth thats recording me

and when you fighting the odds,
you need to be water,
when your life is hard,
you need to be water,
when your mind is involved, and you seek order
you need to ride through the storm,
be water
Track Name: Creeping feat. Sinapse
Modern mans heads under water like a mortage
its foreclosure of our earth, there's a shortage
of storgage of sources in the forest to forage
so I watch the sky, it opens up like a drawbridge
what rained down was the blood of my brothers
hatred of self faded the felt love of our mothers
this exitence is a candle...the long days
making it melt, some mountain lions chasing an elk
work on ya timing son cause finding the fountain of youth
is like listening to TV for the sound of the truth
that can't happen, won't happen, so stand back and
go batten those damn hatches, a tornados passing
tomorrow it'll be followed by a hurricane
of sorrow, hearts are hollow without our life blood in vein
I love the night but starlight ain't quite the same
I grind to find the lidocaine, and write to fight the pain

my homie hit me up - like what's the deal tonight?
I said I don't know son, but I ain't feeling right
my third eye seen serpents creeping by, eating mice
traveled at the speed of light to bleed and lead the fight
we were wiser back when we couldn't read and write
so here we are, new seasons new seeds in-cite
a deepened plight - if you listen you can hear'em
saying they need us, feed us, lead us throught the night

time bubbles up like oil from the ocean floor
I wish the visionary poets got quoted more
instead its Jersey Shore, first and fore-most
we let'em distract us, arrest and entrap us
in a small round cell that we call a cranium
in mine I mine elements that react with uranium
flip bangers with cliff hangers spit anger, been bringing
so much heart it's like this mothafucka got a fifth chamber
tryna wake'em up with buckets of cold water
son if your a young beggar you might be an old pauper
most talkers are slow walkers, so grow stronger
and know men can kill with the same hands that hold daughters
the moment makes a bold offer, keys to secret locks
kings keep in gold caupfers, souls sold slaughter-in
the lambs, but lions linger, fingers in the dams
we built, I cut the tumor out and there's a cancer still

my homie hit me up - like what's the deal tonight?
I said I don't know son, but I ain't feeling right
my third eye seen serpents creeping by, eating mice
traveled at the speed of light to bleed and lead the fight
we were wiser back when we couldn't read and write
so here we are, new seasons new seeds in-cite
a deepened plight - if you listen you can hear'em
saying they need us, feed us, lead us throught the night
Track Name: The Hour Glass feat. M.I.
The horn plays amazin grace
I wake up ice cold in the strangest place
ok the skys a dark shade of grey
for keeps the only way I play
I go hard
catastrophic babylon bophemot met in the Stuy rt on Bedford and Lafayette
I see it
gotta get it for I forget
I thought I had before but not yet
I guess I should stop that
lookin for times that passed like I left my watch there
unless I'm asleep I keep seein demons the dreams I could c the meanings
the symbology pyramids trigonometry
all seein eyemasonicly.
Hypnotic Ms an anomaly my word n my nuts bout the only thing that imma need!

I been hearin that my whole life
Now its time that I move on
And if I never come bk to hold u one more night
Just know ill love u while I'm gone

if I could walk a million miles a minute
mind run a marathon
why I'm in it
can't stop thinkin
blinkin nerves is twitchin
sharpest knife in the surgeons kitchen
palms itchin I been gettin this money immune to the resetion
I use my leverage
I'm usually fed but I'm gettin so hungry
and boo I'd rather eat u instead
man it runs in my blood and the jewels I bled clear ur head like head like sudafed
harsh thoughts how he blew his bread kept tell him u da best
and he said

I been hearin that my whole life
Now its time that I move on
And if I never come bk to hold u one more night
Just know ill love u while I'm gone
Track Name: Save Myself feat. Kel
Tonight I'm gonna save myself
what's left in the bottle and drink it tomorrow.
I'm exactly where I want me, happy, hollow.
floating on the river of death downstream,
living in the moment, hoping another will follow, yes!
these are the best of times, the worst of times
the end of my youth, the thirsty times.
blue smirnoff, brain cells seared off,
until I jump over the moon like nursery rhymes.
I hear voices, wake up destroyed
my head spinning like a piece of shit spinning down the toilet.
toast to my health til my health's toast itself,
a toast to tomorrow when I start making some better choices.
...don't wait up for me.
the view up here is lovely in all of its subtlety.
suddenly, like a change of the channel,
back crawling in my shadow,
it's been Groundhog Day all month for me.
as a youth, every day a new discovery.
a magnum opus of random moments,
til I stopped gaining ground and began to lose focus,
burning under a sun that never sets from neurosis.
unhealthy, needed something to un-melt me
stopped feeling sorry for myself and got the cold shoulder.
me and the hair of the dog, playing red rover,
until I get sober and save myself.
Track Name: Black Water feat. Ill Green
Water everywhere and not a drop to drink
And I don't think
Its from too much zinc
'Cause Pollution sinks
Reeking the dead fish stink
Turning the whites of your eyes pink
It taste like ink
And burns when you blink
Can't even wash your hands in the bathroom sink
There's more than fluoride
Penecilin and pesticide
Zoloft and prozac for the prone to suicide
All an act of homicide
To keep ya brain fried
Makes it easy for them to control ya mind
The yes-men multiply
Confused and wonder why
New World Order in ya water supply
Draconia in ya baby's formula
Kool-Aid for stamina
On plays the orchestra
Drinking aquafina
The plot's even deeper
Corporatism rises while you was in the sleeper
Soldiers fighting wars for a cause
But are disposable products of Walmart stores.

The flame consuming the political brain
Leaders insane
Who ruined the food chain
Thinking it'll wash away in the rain
But the Earth suffers in pain
Machines drilling her vains
All for material gain
Its a shame
Cause when they die, they no longer have a name
Except whats written on a tomb in the grave
Its the living generation that pays
In a gasmask is how they'll spend their days
Living underground to to avoid sun rays
While the rich living it up in mountain caves
Taking shower and shaves
We drinking motor oil to quench the thirst away
Not very healthy
But we'll live til we're thirty
Future very murky
I see it early and surely
You're better off buried.
Track Name: Por Ti feat. Vida Killz
9/11/2001, Where were you?
i woke up kind of late,
took a shower
brushed my hair
infront of the tv
tower 1 went down
[brushed my hair]
tower 2 soon followed
[brushed my hair]
domino effect of what once was innocence
middle school time line
and then he started a war
none of his lineage will ever fight
we are the puppets
in a nightmare I never started
we are humans fighting humans,
only difference seems to be thoughts
10 years later
broken promises to bring 'em home
countless mothers whose sons will
never embrace or stare
into the eyes of creation,
no disrespect intended,
i just can't understand
and if you fight the battle
hear this and know your soul is one
i'd like to treasure
build a home surrounding
reconnect red lines
to their peaceful ties
he looked in my eyes & said
he said.

"your tunes have helped us sleep at night. while in hell, your words calmed us inside." [repeat]

I replied with teary eyes,
thank you [ tower 1 went down]

i replied with teary eyes
thank you [ tower 2 soon followed]